Karenavirus causing sufferers to demand to speak to managers

A deadly new disease that scientists are calling the karenavirus is causing sufferers to blow everything out of proportion and demand to speak to the nearest manager available.

It’s believed that the karenavirus mutated off the back of another highly infectious disease, although no-one wants to say what it is for fear of offending those with karenavirus.

‘People with karenavirus become incredibly sensitive and self-focused. The smallest perceived slight will cause them to scream in indignation and demand to speak to a manager, even in situations where there is no manager,’ Dr N Titled told us.

The entire world may face the prospect of an ultra-strict lockdown to prevent the spread of the annoying disease as people with the karenavirus often enjoy visiting several malls a day and drinking wine with their friends that they actually hate. This makes them super-spreaders.

‘Whatever you do, don’t call a karenavirus sufferer a “super-spreader” though. They’ll either take it as an insult or a come-on, depending on how much they’ve had to drink, and it’s hard to say which is worse,’ said the Doctor.

Scientists are working on a karenavirus vaccine although a slap in the face is the best option right now.

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