Man’s personality the most effective form of contraception

A man’s personality has proved to be a more effective form of contraception than the condom or pill, it’s emerged.

Renfrow Hickenbottom, 32, has used his personality to avoid getting women pregnant all of his adult life.

‘Even if a woman finds me physically attractive, I find a way to drive her away with my personality in mere minutes,’ boasted Renfrow.

The 100% effectiveness of Hickenbottom’s personality as a contraceptive beats out condoms, the pill or any other kind of birth control.

Scientists will now study Mr Hickenbottom’s personality in the hope that they can use the information to help lower the birth rates around the world.

‘Overpopulation is a real concern. It wouldn’t be if more men were like Renfrow Hickenbottom,’
said Dr U Taurus.