Mark Zuckerberg ‘concerned over leak’ after public oil spill

Mark Zuckerberg has confessed that he’s deeply concerned over recent leaks after he started losing oil in public.

Zuckerberg’s last several public appearances have all ended abruptly, due to the Facebook CEO leaking oil.

‘Of course I’m concerned over the leak. I can’t go out in public again until this gets fixed. I’ll be going into the repair shop soon. I just need to hold out until then,’ he reportedly told an aide.

It’s believed that the leak has been caused by high oil pressure due to stress. Zuckerberg is thought to be under a lot of stress after Facebook experienced a data leak involving the personal details of millions of users.

Several countries are now investigating the data leak. Zuckerberg and Facebook could face fines reaching upwards of $20 million.

‘I am going to financially recover from this,’
the social media king assured himself.

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