Photo emerges of Jeremy Corbyn stood with international war criminal

A photograph has been leaked to the press that appears to show Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn with a well-known international war criminal.

The war criminal in question is Tony Blair, also known as ‘The Chesire Twat’ because of his wide, evil grin. Blair is guilty of destabilising the middle-east as well as being responsible for the deaths of thousands of British soldiers.

It is uncertain of when the photo was taken, but it could cause significant damage to Jeremy Corbyn who has often been linked to terrorist organisations in the past.

‘If this photo turns out to be genuine then Jeremy could lose a lot of his support base. Interestingly though it could actually increase his support within the Parliamentary Labour Party,’
a Labour MP told us.

While Jeremy Corbyn has refused to comment on the veracity of the photo, his team might already be in panic mode.

‘It is Jeremy’s belief that we must sit down and talk with everyone, even those we don’t agree with, in an effort to understand each other. Even when those people are complete cocks,’
said the statement.