President Trump pays $1 to dress in casual clothes on his last day in office

"Are you Monica Lewinsky?"

President Trump has paid $1 so that he can dress in his casual clothes on his last day in office.

The money will go to charity, likely the New Trump Foundation.

White House staff don’t expect the excited President Trump to get much work done today.

Not only is he dressed in his casual clothes but he brought three of his favourite toys and is asking for staff to wheel-in the TV and VCR so he can watch movies for the whole day.

‘Get me “Home Alone 2”, I’m in that. I was robbed of an Oscar. Hollywood hates me because I’m better than them,’
Trump said.

President Trump has also been spotted running around the White House - fuelled by burgers and cola - asking for the location of Monica Lewinsky.

‘I might as well get impeached for a third time at this point,’
he said.