Setback for Southgate as he’s told he must field an all-English side

England manager Gareth Southgate has been dealt a significant setback in his quest to win the Euros after being told he must field an all-English side throughout the campaign.

While Southgate named an all-English squad for the 2020/1 Euros, he had been hoping that he’d be able to make some changes during the tournament.

‘There are a few lads I’ve had my eye on that I really wanted to get into the English side; Ronaldo from Portugal, Messi from Argentina and so on. I’ve been told that you can’t have transfers in the international game though, it’s very disappointing,’ said Southgate to reporters.

This means that Southgate will have to field the usual shower of English shite that plays with all the passion of a eunuch in a brothel.

‘All my plans for winning [the Euros] are out of the window with this. I don’t see how England can win with an all-English team,’ he said.

Southgate will appeal the ruling but won’t be heard until July 10th, by which time the England side will be back home.