Son finally ‘old enough’ to watch greatest Christmas movie of all-time

A father has decided that his four-year-old son is finally old enough to enjoy the greatest Christmas movie of all-time – ‘Die Hard’.

After years of having to watch substandard Christmas movies like ‘Elf’, ‘A Muppet’s Christmas Carol,’ ‘Home Alone’, ‘Santa With Muscles’ and ‘Jingle All The Way’, a father has deemed his son mature enough to appreciate the festive message behind ‘Die Hard’.

‘After zero discussion with my wife, who’s still at work today, I’ve decided that now is the perfect time to introduce my son to ‘Die Hard’,’ said Kevin Sterling, 29.

While ‘Die Hard’ comes with an 18 certificate, Kevin doesn’t believe that’ll be a problem for his son.

‘As complex as the plot is, I think he’ll be able to follow along,’
he told us.

Kevin has already kicked back with a couple of beers and is about to slip the Blu-Ray in at any moment.

‘I just hope he doesn’t ruin this for me by needing the toilet every five minutes,’
said the four-year-old.