Two injections of Boris Johnson ‘100% effective’ way of getting pregnant

Just two injections of Boris Johnson is a 100% effective way of getting pregnant, according to a recent study.

The study looked at Johnson’s sexual history and the number of women who became pregnant in the aftermath and came to a startling conclusion.

‘Two jabs from Boris will protect you against being childless. And the best thing is that they can be administered within about two minutes of each other,’
said Dr Ian Fant.

Women who’ve already taken the Johnson prick insist that it’s painless, although there will be a moment of discomfort.

‘It’s when he’s looming over you. It’s more of a mental discomfort than a physical one,’ said one woman.

Prime Minister Johnson has supported the results of the study and has said that he’s more than happy to lend a hand, or other appendage, to any woman in need.

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