Inhuman remains found in search for Piers Morgan

A police search for Piers Morgan has uncovered inhuman remains, leaving many to hope that the best has happened.

Piers Morgan was reported missing days after he walked off the set of Good Morning Britain and left the show for good.

A worried fan, who asked to remain anonymous out of safety concerns, rang the police to report Morgan missing.

The police sent two trainee officers to investigate the situation. A search around the area of Piers Morgan’s London home quickly uncovered a pile of inhuman remains. The remains have yet to be identified, as his wife has left the country.

‘We believe that the inhuman remains discovered by our officers belong to Mr Piers Morgan but we cannot be sure until we get a positive ID. We urge Mr Morgan’s wife to return to the country to answer our questions. She’s not in any trouble - in fact, there might even be a reward in it for her,’ said Detective Derek Cuntswell.

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