You pretend to want to leave but then stay in, Larry the Cat tells Theresa May

Larry the Cat has been offering advice to Prime Minister Theresa May on how best to deal with Brexit, it’s emerged.

The most intelligent resident of 10 Downing Street has been doing his utmost best to steer Britain away from a Brexit disaster.

‘Time and time again I’ve shown Theresa how to make it look like you want to leave without following through. I just hope she’s been paying attention,’
said Larry whilst scratching at the front door.

There is evidence that May might be following Larry’s advice as the Conservative Party have so far done very little to actually progress with Brexit.

Larry is an ardent Remainer and believes that the cat vote would have kept Britain in the EU.

‘Of course, we don’t vote. We like to let you humans believe that you run things,’ he smirked.