19 Premier League teams vote to make 2019/20 season null and void

19 Premier League teams have voted to make the 2019/20 season null and void after it was cut short because of the coronavirus outbreak.

The vast majority of teams agreed that the season would need to be struck from the records after they were left unable to play the last nine games of the league schedule.

‘It’s unfair that this season would count as normal. That is why most teams agreed to cancel the season and make it null and void. We’re just upset that we couldn’t quite come to a unanimous decision,’ said Premier League chairman Gary Hoffman.

The vote means that Liverpool won’t win their first-ever Premier League title this season, although it was surprisingly Sheffield United that voted against voiding the season.

‘We’re only five points from a Champions League spot WITH a game in hand. Seeing Sheffield United in the Champions League is a far bigger deal than Liverpool winning a poxy title,’
said United manager Chris Wilder.

It’s believed that Liverpool agreed to void the season because they prefer complaining to winning.

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