All easy deals take three years to MAYBE finalise, confirm Brexiteers

All of the easiest deals in the world take a little over three years to MAYBE finalise, Brexiteers are confirming.

With news breaking that PM Boris Johnson has agreed to a Brexit deal with the EU, Brexiteers are celebrating the ease with which the deal came about.

‘We told you it would be the easiest deal in the world and now there’s been two of them. All this one needs is to get parliament approval and we’ll finally get Brexit done. And we’re certain parliament wouldn’t get in the way of this deal,’ said Brexiteer Albert Feathercock.

‘Britain was just toying with the EU for over three years. It was the old rope-a-dope strategy; make them think we’re run by a bunch of bumbling fuckwits when actually…sorry, I forgot what I was saying,’ said Al Zeimer, another Brexiteer.

While the deal between Britain and the EU has been finalised, it still needs to pass a parliamentary vote to be fully approved.

This puts Brexit on course to be done and dusted by February 30th 2020 according to Chris Grayling.