Boris Johnson offers to donate both his brain cells to science

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has today generously offered to donate both his brain cells to science after he dies.

Johnson, who believes he has a ‘special mind’, wants scientists to probe his brain so they can discover what makes him such a unique individual.

‘I’ve always been fascinated by the human brain ever since the boys and I all ate one during our time at Eton. That is why I will be donating both my brain cells to medical science after I die,’ the prime minister told the press.

Doctors have already scanned Johnson’s brain and it’s been described as looking like ‘two flies trying to escape through a window.’

‘I don’t know how much experimentation we’ll be able to do on his brain, given its lack of size. We appreciate the offer though and look forward to taking the sample as soon as possible,’ said Dr Michael Hfuhruhurr.