Fears grow that ‘Joker’ could inspire more clowns to get involved in politics

There is a growing concern that the popularity of the ‘Joker’ movie could inspire more clowns to get involved in politics.

‘Joker’ shows how a well-meaning idiot can quickly spiral into a maniacal political figure and it could cause a sharp growth in the number of clowns in politics.

‘Britain and the US are both already run by clowns and the leader in Canada seems to enjoy painting his face. We’ve enough clowns in politics as it is without “Joker” pushing more into the fray,’ one political expert told us.

It would seem that the true danger of ‘Joker’ isn’t the potential to cause mass shootings, but mass buffoonery.

Boris Johnson is said to have already perfected his tumbling act while Donald Trump has been walking a legal tightrope for years.