Facebook financially struggling so badly that Mark Zuckerberg is cutting his own hair

After a wave of fines levied against them, Facebook is struggling for money so badly that CEO Mark Zuckerberg is now saving money by cutting his own hair, one has to assume.

Zuckerberg debuted his new hairstyle during a congressional hearing about Facebook and its impact on finance and housing sectors.

The uneven fringe and overall odd shape to the cut made it obvious that it was performed by none other than Zuckerberg himself, according to an expert.

‘There’s not a professional barber in the world that would be happy to let him walk out looking like that,’
they told us.

Sources within Facebook tell us that Zuckerberg purchased a set of clippers for $30 and has already saved a considerable amount of money at the cost of his appearance.

As one female employee confided in us, ‘He was never much to look at to begin with though. I’d say he’s a solid 3/10. I certainly wouldn’t poke him.’