Confused Boris Johnson trapped behind number 10 door in advent calendar

A confused Boris Johnson has found himself trapped behind the number 10 door in an advent calendar in a situation experts are calling ‘the first of its kind’.

It’s believed that Johnson attempted to enter 10 Downing Street when the sheer weight of his stupidity broke the laws of physics.

Instead of being in his political home, he now finds himself trapped inside an advent calendar.

‘The situation is grim. I’ve already eaten all the chocolate, except for the angel who I’ve begun an affair with,’ he told reporters via WhatsApp.

There appears to be some sort of quantum-lock on the door, preventing the prime minister’s escape.

‘This would ordinarily be a case for Doctor Who, but she’s gone private now and she’s charging more than we can afford until the next batch of Russian donations come in,’ said the chairman of the Conservative Party.

Many are hoping it’s the last number 10 door Johnson finds himself behind this year.