Donald Trump certain that White House mirrors are spying on him

President Donald Trump has demanded that Secret Service dismantle and thoroughly investigate all mirrors in the White House after spotting someone looking back at him.

The paranoid President, who has also accused Joe Biden of hiding in the White House and spying on him, is positive that there is a network of spies hiding within the White House.

‘It’s not just Joe. Whenever I walk past one of these so called “mirrors” I see I stupid looking orange-faced buffoon spying on me. No-one else can see him except me. I can’t even go for a leak in peace without being spied on,’ cried Trump.

The Secret Service has already checked every single mirror in the White House but now Trump is demanding they be dismantled and investigated more thoroughly.

Certain members of Trump’s staff have tried teaching him how mirrors work and that he is only seeing himself, but the President believes otherwise.

‘A surface that reflects back images of yourself? That sounds like phony-baloney witchcraft to me. Fake news,’ said Trump.