Racist moron with no job prospects offered role on BBC’s ‘Question Time’

A racist moron with no other job prospects has been advised to appear on BBC’s ‘Question Time’ to get his foot in the door.

Harry Clints, 37, has no real skills and his only qualification is an honorary degree from the University of Life. On top of that, he is also a racist and otherwise deeply bigoted man.

That is why the Job Centre has recommended that Harry appears on BBC’s ‘Question Time’ as a last resort.

‘It’s one of the few places left for people like Harry. He’ll be in the audience, at first. Then, if his disgusting views gain enough attention, we expect him to be invited onto the panel as one of the guests,’ said Job Centre employee Katie Bobkins.

Harry, who believes he ‘tells it like it is’, will now work hard over the coming weeks to raise his blood pressure enough to get a beautiful gammon glow before making his debut appearance.

‘Question Time’ already has a seat reserved for Clints.