Sexual assault helpline informs Harvey Weinstein that it’s for victims, not tips

A sexual assault helpline has informed Harvey Weinstein that its purpose is to help victims, not offer tips to sleazy scumbags.

The helpline warned Weinstein not to call again after it received several calls from the disgraced Hollywood executive asking for advice on how to sexually assault women and get away with it.

Weinstein has now become the first person to have his number blocked by the charity.

‘It’s not something that we ever want to do but Mr Weinstein clearly misunderstood the purpose of our helpline. We want to help the victims, not the assailants,’ said one helpline worker.

Harvey Weinstein has denied the allegations made by the helpline, as well as the allegations of sexual assault made by over 70 women.

He could face life in prison if found guilty of the charges where it’s expected that Weinstein could be greeted by a rope and two sleepy guards.