Twitter fears President Trump has been hacked after lack of racist tweets

Twitter has launched an investigation into whether President Trump has had his account hacked after he failed to tweet anything remotely racist for 24 hours.

The lack of racist tweets is seen as a red flag that Trump’s Twitter account may be compromised.

‘We want to make sure that President Trump still has total control over his Twitter account. We’re not concerned over his past racist tweets, just the current lack of them,’ confirmed Twitter CEO @Jack.

@Jack himself claims to be the victim of a recent Twitter hacking after a deluge of racist material hit his stream.

‘I was definitely hacked and not just drunk,’ said the shifty-eyed CEO.

However, it’s believed that Trump was NOT hacked and that he was just in a rare good mood. His other tweets still exhibit the same lack of grammatical knowledge and the 5th-grade vocabulary the president is known for.