‘Friends’ reunion to be sponsored by Botox

Tonight’s reunion of ‘Friends’ is being sponsored by Botox, the toxin that tightens sagging faces, NBC has revealed.

The entire cast of ‘Friends’ will reunite on-screen for the first time in 17 years, in an event that some are describing as ‘happening tonight’.

While fans of the sitcom will no doubt be delighted to see all of their favourite character reunited, the main reason for the show is actually to promote Botox.

‘We’re all big fans of the product, as you can see,’ said the rigid face of one of the cast.

NBC is hoping to pop a huge rating for the ‘Friends’ reunion, even though James Corden is involved.

‘James has some lurid pictures of certain television executives. We have to give him regular work or he’s threatened to leak them to the press,’ said one nervous-looking television executive.

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