New arch-nemesis of James Bond revealed to be a union boss

A new villain will be introduced to the ‘James Bond’ franchise, an evil union boss who’s hell-bent on getting employees a fair wage and better working conditions.

The revelation of the new arch-nemesis came just hours after it was announced that Amazon had purchased MGM Studios for $8.45 billion.

MGM Studios will now hand over the rights to the James Bond franchise to Amazon and Jeff Bezos.

‘I’ve always been a massive fan of James Bond but I’ve always wondered why he didn’t go after the real bad guys – union bosses and lazy employees. This is an opportunity to right a historic wrong and to make sure James Bond targets the people who really need taking down,’ said Bezos.

The James Bond character will be gunning for the evil union boss who caused his latest set of gadgets to arrive late from the MI6 Prime delivery service.

‘The delivery will have been delayed by one whole day thanks to the filthy union boss demanding that workers get a fifteen-minute break,’ said Bezos.

James Bond will return in ‘Buy Another Day’.

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