History teacher’s career choice clearly an excuse to watch ‘Blackadder’ all-day

It’s becoming increasingly clear that a history teacher chose his career so he could spend most of his day watching ‘Blackadder’.

Tony Spooner, 42, is a secondary school history teacher – which means he spends most of his days getting most of his children to watch ‘Blackadder’.

‘It’s my favourite comedy ever made and the fact I have found a way to get paid to watch it is just the cherry on top,’ he told us.

Mr Spooner makes sure that he predominantly teaches World War I, although he is also happy to teach his students about the Elizabethan era and the Regency period.

‘I try to stay away from teaching the Middle Ages – for obvious reasons,’ he said.

He also stays away from teaching about Shakespeare. ‘I’m not watching “Upstart Crow”, not even if you pay me!’

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