June 18th – On This Day in History

362: Emperor Julian bans Christians from teaching in Syria. The average IQ of Syrians rises by 20-points as a result.

1172: German-born Elizabeth Windsor is crowned Queen of England.

1419: Aliens take a look down at Earth and decide against visiting.

1873: Susan B Anthony is fined $100 for being a woman who attempted to vote in the presidential election. The Republican Party goes on to adopt this policy nationwide roughly 150 years later.

1942: The birth of popular musician Paul McCartney. He goes on to form a famous partnership with Stevie Wonder.

1952: The Kellog’s cereal company invents the tiger to help promote Frosties.

1983: Sally Ride becomes the first woman in space after NASA notices that it looks like it’s in need of a tidy.

1994: OJ Simpson becomes the first man to break 2,000 rushing yards in a single season AND 10 miles avoiding arrest.

2021: Football begins long, arduous journey of coming home.

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