Local one-upper claims she’s got Covid-20

While the rest of the world is worried about Covid-19, a local one-upper claims that she’s suffering from Covid-20.

Helen Halliwell, 38, claims to be suffering from Covid-20, a more advanced form of the coronavirus than anyone else has.

‘Yes, the doctor ran some tests on me and confirmed that I have Covid-20. I wish I only had Covid-19 like everyone else, but I’m too special for that,’ said Helen.

When questioned on what the difference is between Covid-19 and Covid-20, Helen informed us: ‘Covid-20 is one worse.’

Despite the diagnosis, Helen is certain that she’ll return to full health sooner rather than later.

‘Beating Covid-20 won’t be any great achievement for me. It’s my rampant bullshititus that’s the tricky one to overcome.’

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