Massive clot gives two thumbs up to the AstraZeneca vaccine

A great many people criticised Boris Johnson historically for sitting on his hands for too long during the early stages of the coronavirus outbreak.

So when doubts were expressed about the AstraZeneca vaccine, he didn’t hesitate to give it two thumbs up.

‘One thing the Prime Minister learnt from sitting on his hands during the initial stages of Covid-19 was that when he sees a golden opportunity opening up, he should stick both thumbs up with no hesitation,’ explained Boris Johnson’s spokesperson, Austin Allegro Stratton.

‘And as for the blood clot talk, the PM has told me that he is totally behind Matt Hancock and nobody should be calling him names.’

Boris Johnson’s perceived success with the rollout of the vaccine means that he no longer has any fears for his seat.

‘I’m staying put for the foreseeable future,’ he said. ‘I’m expecting a big thumbs-up from the public at election time.’

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