Piers Morgan asks for publicity during this trying time

Piers Morgan has asked for publicity during this trying time, after losing his job on ‘Good Morning Britain’.

The uncanned lump of spam lost his job on Good Morning Britain after making controversial comments about Meghan Markle that resulted in more than 41,000 complaints to Ofcom.

Morgan was also taken to task by fellow presenter Alex Beresford, causing the former phone hacker to walk off the set of the show. Piers leaving the way he did instantly turned ‘Good Morning Britain’ into ‘Great Morning Britain’.

Not one to be defeated though, Piers Morgan has asked the media for publicity during this trying time.

‘Attention is the only thing that sustains my career. If I had to rely on journalistic integrity and merit, I’d be screwed,’ he said.

It’s not yet known who’ll ultimately replace Piers Morgan on ‘Good Morning Britain’ as it will be difficult to replace his unique blend of ignorance and divisiveness, although Katie Hopkins is said to be waiting by her phone.

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