Scientists discover unused organ in the head of humans

Scientists have discovered an organ in the head of humans that is currently going unused.

It’s believed that the large, pink organ was used at one point in human history before losing functionality in more recent times.

‘We have no idea what this wrinkly thing is or how it’s managed to avoid detection for so long. All we can ascertain is that it has long gone unused in humans and is now close to the point of decay,’ said the doctor.

It’s thought that most humans have this mystery organ rattling around in their heads, yet meeting a person with a functioning one is a rare event indeed.

‘Statistically speaking, some people probably do still manage to get some use out of this organ. It must be incredibly rare though; like finding a needle in a haystack or a competent politician,’ the doctor told us.

The newly-discovered organ is, as yet, unnamed. Scientists are pushing hard for ‘the big, jiggly pink thing’ although that may not be specific enough as it also describes many humans.

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