White House staff leave President Trump in ball pit over the weekend

Donald Trump has been left in the White House ball pit over the weekend while staff return home to their loving families, it has emerged.

With no-one willing to act as a full-time handler to the Commander of Tweets, staff were forced to leave their charge to entertain himself in a child’s entertainment complex within the White House.

The ball pit was added during President Obama’s first term, as part of a crèche so that parents could bring their children to work.

‘The first thing he did was pull out his peepee and urinate all over it. After he got that out of his system he started to have a great time,’
said one staffer.

‘All the bright colours really seem to attract his attention. And the balls fit in his hands perfectly,’
said another.

Trump was moved to the ball pit on Friday evening and is scheduled to be returned to the Oval Office on Monday morning. However, some are worried that the President might put up a fight.

‘I get the feeling that we might have to ban children from the ball pit and move all the President’s work there,’
said a senior official.