America cancels its subscription to Nutflix

America has cancelled its subscription to Nutflix after being customers of the insanity-based streaming service for the last four years.

Americans have been able to enjoy some of the craziest news of all-time being streamed directly to their TVs for four years but today they’ve decided that enough is enough.

‘Nutflix was borderline enjoyable to begin with when we all thought it was a comedy. Then it quickly became clear it was a horror and I’ve barely been able to watch,’ one American told us.

The price of the insanity-based streaming service has risen sharply recently, with it now costing America over $800 billion a month. That is a massive part of the reason for the cancellation.

‘It’s hard to justify spending that kind of money when we don’t even have any healthcare to show for it,’
said leading American, Hank E. Doodle.

While America has cancelled Nutflix, per the conditions of the contract, it will still have access up until January 20th.

As Hank told us: ‘I think we’d all be happier with the cancellation going through immediately but rules are rules.’

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