World sends best wishes to COVID-19 in its battle against Donald Trump

People around the world have sent best wishes to COVID-19 after learning that it’s battling a potentially terminal case of Donald Trump.

Many woke up this morning and couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the news that COVID-19 had been infected by TRUMP-45.

‘This is going to be a difficult battle for COVID-19. That’s why we all need to rally round and offer it the support it needs to overcome Trump,’ said one new coronavirus fan.

‘We know you can do this, COVID-19! Give it all you can!’ said another supporter.

Trump is doing everything he can to kill off COVID-19, including injecting bleach into his arm and staring directly at the sun.

‘I’ll *cough cough* kill this son of a *cough cough* if it’s the last thing I do,’ he spluttered.

The news has caused President Trump to drop in the latest opinion polls. He now stands on 28%, Biden on 31% and COVID-19 on 41%.