BBC pays £800 million for the rights to the raindrop window race

BBC has won exclusive rights to cover the raindrop window race and plan to make it the centrepiece of their sports coverage.

Viewers will be treated to hours of footage of raindrops slowly trickling down windows with the first raindrop to reach the bottom being declared the winner.

‘As you can imagine, everyone here at the BBC is very excited about this. It’s an absolutely huge get for our sports team and they’re all ready to provide the best coverage possible,’ said Charlotte Moore, the BBC’s Director of Content.

Raindrop window races will take place every day and fill the bulk of BBC’s programming schedule. As it should when the exclusive rights contract cost £800 million.

‘It’s a lot of money but this is the most popular sport in Britain right now. The real expense will be covering my salary to host it all,’
Gary Lineker told us.

While most sports fans are celebrating the BBC’s acquisition, some say that the raindrop window race isn’t what it used to be.

‘The sport’s gone soft ever since it banned the downwards blow and the windowpane tap. There’s too much money involved now,’ said one old man, shaking his head.