Boris Johnson threatens brother Jo with deselection from family Christmas party

Boris Johnson has sensationally threatened his brother Jo with deselection from the family Christmas party after Jo stood down from the Conservative Party.

Jo Johnson quit his roles as MP and a cabinet minister today after feeling torn between family loyalty and the national interest.

‘I want to be a good brother, but it’s hard when your brother is a bellend of such gigantic proportions that he could replace Big Ben,’ he told the press.

The razor-sharp Boris Johnson has seen the statement as a slight and has since threatened to deselect Jo from the family Christmas party.

‘It’s going to be amazing. We’re hosting this year. Not quite sure where I’ll be living by then though,’ Boris mumbled.

Jo might not be the last Johnson to be deselected from the Christmas party as the rest of his family are also pro-EU ‘remoaners’.

Indeed, Boris’s Christmas party could end up being a party of one. Much like his political party.