Boris Johnson’s nose becomes first living terrestrial object to land on Mars

Humanity has broken yet another barrier after Boris Johnson’s nose became the first living terrestrial object to land on Mars.

After contracting Pinocchio-syndrome just two days ago, a disease which causes the sufferer’s nose to grow every time they lie, PM Johnson’s nose has already reached Mars.

Inch by inch, Johnson’s nose has covered a distance of 240 million miles and it doesn’t look like it’ll stop anytime soon.

As one space expert told us, ‘We fully expect Boris Johnson’s nose to reach Uranus by the weekend.’

Johnson’s nose is said to be expanding more quickly than the universe and will likely be charting unknown territory by the end of the election cycle.

The prime minister has been unavailable to comment on his accomplishment as he’s said to be suffering from severe headaches caused by his new ability to smell his own bullshit.