Bear Grylls admits disappointment over sales of his new brand of lemonade

Adventurer Bear Grylls has today admitted disappointment over the low sales of his brand of lemonade that was released last week.

Bear was hoping to corner the popular lemonade market with his version of the sweet yellow drink, but sales have been soft at best.

‘It’s incredibly disappointing as I put a lot of myself into each bottle of lemonade. I think it tastes delicious but other consumers don’t seem to agree,’
Bear told us.

Bear’s lemonade has been criticised for its flavour as well as its lack of fizziness.

‘There’s plenty of froth but no fizz. It was also weirdly warm when I bought it and after I drank it I got a short, curly hair stuck between my teeth,’ said one reviewer.

The lemonade is likely to be removed from supermarket shelves but Bear’s attempts to crack the food & drink market won’t end there.

‘I’ve got a chocolate log coming out for Christmas that I think people will enjoy a lot,’ he said.