Brexit riots pushed back due to record number of arthritic hips playing up

Proposed Brexit riots have been pushed back due to a record number of arthritic hips playing up, it’s emerged.

Brexiters have planned to take to the streets to protest the latest Brexit delay, however, the cold weather has caused many arthritic hips to act-up, scuppering their ability to get out of the house.

‘I’d be causing absolute hell out there if my hip hadn’t seized up, let me tell you. These politicians need to be held to account. We voted to leave, so we should leave.

‘It’s just a shame I have to stay in because it’s so cold out there,’ said Casper Buckingham, 74.

Despite many reports of arthritis forcing Brexiters to call off the riots, they still seem to be able to get to supermarkets and have long conversations with their friends right in the middle of aisles.

‘It’s our way of protest against everything,’ an elderly source told us.