‘Cheat day’ enters sixth month uninterrupted

A man’s ‘cheat day’ is now entering its sixth month and appears to be unstoppable at this point in time.

Darren Stone, 36, used to allow himself a ‘cheat day’ once a week while he worked out feverishly at the gym.

Now, the gym is closed and Darren’s ‘cheat day’ is entering its sixth month uninterrupted.

‘There’s not much else to do right now,’ he told us while cramming a burger down his throat. ‘There’s nowhere to go, nothing to do and no-one safe to do it with. So, yes, I’m eating a lot.’

Ever eager to put a positive spin on it, Darren believes that this could actually be good for him in the long-run.

‘I’ve cultivated a lot of mass in the last six months. Once I start harvesting, I’m going to have the body of a God,’ he told us.

To be fair to Darren, he already has the body of a God – Buddha.

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