Formula 1 adds Venice Grand Prix to the schedule

Formula 1 has announced that it will replace the cancelled Vietnam Grand Prix with a new course in Venice, Italy.

The track will contain several sections that are at least partially underwater through the canals of Venice, something that will be a significant challenge for all the teams and drivers involved.

‘There are has never been a track like this in Formula 1 before. It’s more like something out of “Mario Kart”. As difficult as it’ll be for us, it’ll be fun for the fans,’ said reigning champion Lewis Hamilton.

Tyre choice will be critical for the race. Pirelli will be bringing out a brand new set of ultra-wet tyres for the occasion, which are expected to be the choice for most drivers as they will include rotary blades to push the cars along through the longer canal sections.

Despite a tough start to the season, Ferrari is hoping to do well in what equates to another home race for them.

‘A weak engine might actually be an advantage here and we certainly have a lot of experience feeling like we’re sinking,’ said Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel.

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