Christmas pushed back until July 2021 due to COVID-19

All major governments around the world have agreed to push Christmas back until July 2021 due to lingering concerns surrounding COVID-19.

World leaders agreed that it would be irresponsible to hold Christmas on its usual December 25th date this year. Instead, it will take place on July 25th in 2021.

It’s hoped that the move will quell the potential for a deadly second-wave of COVID-19 during the winter months when hospitals are at their busiest.

It will also provide a period of financial relief for cash-strapped families, with many job losses expected shortly.

Even Pope Francis, the head of the Catholic Church, has agreed that moving Christmas back this year is a good idea.

‘Anything to avoid Midnight Mass for an extra few months,’ he said.

Many Christmas traditions could change as a result of it moving to summer. The turkey dinner is expected to be replaced by a BBQ, fairy lights could be replaced by fireworks, and grumbling about how cold it is will be replaced by complaining about how hot it is.