Dick Braine stands down as UKIP leader, to be replaced by Bill End

Dick Braine has officially stood down as the leader of UKIP and will be replaced by Bill End for the 2019 general election.

Braine was the UKIP leader for three months, a period which saw UKIP polling at record low numbers thanks to the emergence of Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party.

‘It’s time for me to step aside for the good of the party,’ he confirmed to the two dozing members of the press who could be bothered to turn up. ‘I wish my successor all the best in this incredibly important election.’

Dick had hoped to transform the party in his image and lead UKIP to election success. That duty will now fall to new leader Bill End.

‘Dick Braine was a fantastic leader and turned us into a party of Dick Braines. Now I’m hoping I can turn UKIP into a bunch of Bill Ends,’ he said.

Bill End also went on to thank his predecessor and announced that his running buddy would be former Barnsley council candidate Wayne Kerr.