Final presidential debate to be improved by muting both candidates

The final presidential debate before the US election will improve upon the first one by muting the microphones of both candidates.

After viewers of the last debate had their ears assaulted, predominantly by President Trump, Fox has made steps to improve the experience for viewers this time around.

‘Both candidates will be muted at all times. Feedback from the first debate has indicated that this will be preferable to almost all viewers.

‘The moderator will still be able to ask questions, it’s then up to the viewers to either lip read or just create their own answers. It’s like a choose your own adventure book but even less fun,’ said one Fox producer.

It’s believed that President Trump is considering bring a bullhorn to the event while Joe Biden intends to spend the 90-minute debate napping.

‘He better not ruin my nap or I’ll be really cranky,’ warned Biden.

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