GB News to expand programming with intentional comedy

GB News has announced that it intends to expand its programming with an hour of intentional comedy every evening.

The news channel currently runs 18 hours of unintentional comedy every day, which often provides some of the biggest laughs of the week.

But the intentional comedy hour will feature right-wing comedians like Lee Hurst, Jim Davidson, Roy “Chubby” Brown and Geoff Norcott – guaranteeing the laughs will be few and far between.

“It’s time to show the lefty liberal woke agenda that the right-wing can be funny too. I’m working on a new joke right now and, as soon as I come up with it, I’m sure it’ll be hilarious,” Jim Davidson told us.

Currently planned comedy shows for GB News include “Mock the Weak”, “Punching Down”, “Whiteadder” and “I Did Nazi That Coming”.

GB News is hoping that its comedy line-up will help boost viewing figures after reports emerged that the channel lost £3 million before it launched and continues to haemorrhage money.

“Thankfully, right-wing comedians don’t ask for a lot of money. I think they’re just happy to have the work,” said a GB News producer.

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