Jeremy Corbyn unveils his new political party Norfolk Enchants

For Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has today unveiled his new left-wing party, Norfolk Enchants.

The unveiling of Norfolk Enchants comes after months of focus group studies and Corbyn’s realisation that he would never be reinstated to the Labour Party.

“It is with deep sadness that I announce I will once again be leading a political party,” Jeremy Corbyn told the press. “I hoped that it would never come to this, but Labour left me with little option.”

Corbyn’s Norfolk Enchants will run on a strong left-wing manifesto that includes the removal of the monarchy, a 90% tax rate on the rich and moving parliament from London to Norfolk.

“Why else would my party be called Norfolk Enchants?” asked Corbyn.

The news has caused deep concern within the centrist ranks of the Labour Party.

“He could steal seats from us! He’s unelectable! Whatever happened to loyalty?” said Stephen Kinnock while tying himself in a loop of questionable logic.

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