Tesla recalls 500,000 cars after trialling Richard Hammond-inspired AI

Tesla has recalled 500,000 cars that were deemed to be at risk of crashing after they trialled a new self-driving AI that was inspired by Richard Hammond.

Each of the cars had received a recent software update that included a self-driving AI based on the former presenter of “Top Gear”.

“We went with Richard Hammond because of the number of miles he’s clocked up on the roads over the years. He’s an experienced driver who’s driven many different vehicles,” said a spokesperson for Tesla.

Sadly, for Tesla, they failed to account for the fact that, while Richard Hammond has driven many vehicles, he’s crashed most of them.

Tesla was unable to patch the AI update, meaning that 500,000 vehicles had to be recalled.

Environmentally conscious Tesla owners are now being advised to take the bus. Environmentally unconscious Tesla owners are being advised to upgrade to a SpaceX rocket.

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