July 7th - On This Day in History

226 BC: The Colossus of Rhodes is destroyed by future WWE wrestler Earthquake.

1307 AD: King Edward dies on his quest to find the first potato.

1889: Italy invents pizza.

1890: The rest of the world makes much better pizza.

1927: Christopher Stone becomes the first British ‘disc jockey’ when he talks over the best bits of a song on BBC Radio.

1930: Construction of the Hoover Dam begins. A trained team of 100,000 beavers work tirelessly to create the largest dam of its time. The beavers are rewarded by being given the state of Vermont.

1940: The birth of Ringo Starr, best known as the narrator of ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’.

1947: Aliens crash down on Earth in Roswell, New Mexico. They go on to form what is now known as the Republican Party.

1986: Bono puts on his first pair of sunglasses. The dark lenses render him unable to find anything he’s looking for.

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