Local video gamer calls for peace while he works through his backlog

A local video gamer has called for peace between all nations, at least until he’s worked through the majority of his game backlog.

With the threat of nuclear war looming on the horizon, Cam Roberts, 34, has called for peace talks while he works through his back catalogue of forty-four video games.

“There are so many good deals and sales on video games that I just can’t help myself. I’ve got over forty games that I’ve not even touched now and it would be a real shame for the world to end before I’ve had the chance to play them.

“I could really do with everything settling down and all this talk about nuclear war ending. I implore all the world leaders to join peace talks, at least until I’ve put a major dent in my gaming backlog,” Cam told us while shooting seven enemies in under ten seconds.

Some of the first games in Cam’s backlog that he plans on playing include “Civilization V”, “Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare”, “Wasteland 3”, “Fallout 2” and “DEFCON 1: Everybody Dies”.

“I figure I might as well prepare myself for the inevitable while I play through my backlog,” said Cam.

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