Putin demands new “Rocky IV” cut where Ivan Drago wins

Russian President Vladimir Putin has demanded a new cut of “Rocky IV” where Ivan Drago beats Rocky Balboa.

While Sylvester Stallone recently released a director’s cut of “Rocky IV”, which did expand on Drago’s character, it wasn’t enough to satisfy Vladimir Putin. Putin is now demanding a third cut in which Drago beats Balboa, or else he will escalate Russian aggression against the world.

“The idea that the tiny American could beat the much bigger, stronger Russian is ridiculous. The world needs to see the real cut where Drago knocks out Rocky in the first round and takes over the franchise.

“This is the only way to satisfy Mother Russia and avoid total war,” said Putin.

During the “Rocky IV” shoot, there were no scenes filmed of Ivan Drago beating Rocky Balboa, but the Russian did beat Apollo Creed earlier the in film. Using modern technology, Rocky’s face could be swapped onto Apollo Creed’s body.

Whether anyone would notice the difference or not is up for debate.

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