Mysterious British billionaire Ollie Gark buys Chelsea FC

A previously unknown British billionaire who goes by the name Ollie Gark has purchased Chelsea FC just days after it went on sale.

It was thought that it could take months, maybe even years, to finalise the sale of Chelsea FC due to the high asking price, as well as the controversy over the previous owner’s links to Vladimir Putin.

But Chelsea FC today confirmed that Ollie Gark would be their new owner, after he purchased the club from Roman Abramovich for an undisclosed fee.

“I won’t be making any big changes, as I think Mr Abramovich was doing a sterling job. But this is a fresh start for all of us,” Gark told the press.

With his bushy moustache and monocle, Ollie Gark certainly looks the part of an eccentric British billionaire. His accent, however, is a little strange.

“I spent some time in Newcastle and then Cardiff as a child,” he explained.

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