Nigel Farage confirms he’s writing a song for Eurovision 2022

Politician and unpopular wanktoad Nigel Farage has confirmed that he’s writing a song to submit for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2022.

Farage was said to be “disgusted” that the United Kingdom received “nul points” in 2021 and believes he’s the man who can return Eurovision glory to the nation.

‘We’ve not been doing very well at Eurovision lately, which is why I’ve decided to throw my hat in. I’m a man of many talents, presumably, I just haven’t found them yet – it could turn out I’m really good at music!’ Farage told the media.

The news has been greeted with optimism from fans and detractors of Farage alike.

‘It’s coming home! Eurovision is coming home,’ said one fan.

While a critic cheerfully told us, ‘It’ll be fun to see Farage embarrass himself on a European stage again.’

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