Study: In space, no one can hear you avoiding tax

No one can hear you avoid paying tax in space, according to the latest study by the Global Space Accountants (GSA).

The study found that, due to the lack of air in space, you can communicate your displeasure over paying taxes without anyone hearing you.

‘Sound travels in waves but it needs something to travel through. Because there is no air or atmosphere in space, you can avoid tax as much as you want without anyone ever hearing you,’ said a spokesperson for the GSA.

The ability to quietly avoid tax in space could make space one of the most popular places to live for billionaires and other wealthy people.

‘There could be no billionaires living on Earth by 2030. Most would argue that’s a good thing,’ one scientist told us.

The one drawback to living in space is that you can’t effectively communicate with your accountant back on Earth to discuss the latest tax avoidance schemes and strategies. We’re sure that is an issue that will be quickly resolves though.

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